Voir Ayiti (See Haiti) is a marketplace for Haitian artwork. Proceeds go directly to the artist. See our Journal for updates.

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VoirAyiti.com features one-of-a-kind paintings ki sòti Ayiti.

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Voir Ayiti – Meaning of the Name

Voir Ayiti is a result of the French word for “see” which is “voir” (pronounced vwa), and the Haitian Creole spelling of “Haiti,” which is “Ayiti,” and can be pronounced best by phonetically speaking the english letters, “I. E. T,” or by using an example of the words “Eye. Ee. Tea.”

The original island’s name, Ayiti (a Taíno word meaning “the land of the mountains”), was restored by Dessalines on January 1, 1804 to proclaim independence.

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